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We're developing precision medicines to treat complex, multigenetic disorders caused by RNA pathobiology .
Our mission is to leverage a new understanding of how genes are regulated to help patients suffering from hard-to-treat diseases like cancer, inflammatory immunometabolism & neurodegeneration.
What is translational dysfunction?
At Epitoire we're tackling a
New Frontier in Human Disease
Epitoire is exploiting a new understanding of how modifications to RNA and translational machinery proteins control gene expression and cell fate in disease. The regulatory axis of translation offers an opportunity to develop novel small molecule modulators of well-established, historically undruggable targets across serious human diseases, including genetically driven cancers and rare neurological diseases.
Modifications to all major biomolecules (DNA, RNA and protein) influence how genes are expressed. In certain diseases, these modifications are misregulated and lead to the expression of genes that typically remain unactivated in healthy cells.
Founded by a dedicated team of drug hunters.
Epitoire was founded at MIT in 2018 by an interdisciplinary team of scientists with experience developing small-molecule modulators of RNA-modifying proteins (RMPs). Today, Epitoire is building on ground-breaking research into the systems functional biology of RMPs to develop new targeted therapies for cancer, continuing a long heritage of transformational drug discovery.
Pete Dedon, MD PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Scientific Founder
Chuan-Fa Liu, PhD
Nanyang Technological University
Scientific Founder
Julien Lescar, PhD
Nanyang Technological University
Scientific Founder
Nick Davis, ScD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Founding Partner & CEO
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